1 thought on “Stories

  1. Once upon a time, i decided to conjoin my three favourite meals of pizza, pasta bake and nachos, into a giant portion of pizstachos. First, you need an even layer of nachos covered in LOTS OF CHEESE and maybe the odd jalapeno. After that, evenly spread pre-cooked pasta and creamy delicious tomato sauce (Home-pride for best effect) over said nachos. Following this, another layer of nachos are required, which must be followed by tomato puree and mozarella, to give that delicious pizza toppping. Please add mushrooms/salami where appropriate. A light dusting of nachos, with more cheese. Serve inside a sombrero for added deliciousness. Thankyou for your time. RATED 10/10 for originaility and full bodied flavour. Enjoy, we know we will!

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