Hello, it’s Chris and Nick. We are brothers. We love nachos. Through this blog, we will share recipes, reviews, and stories from our quest to find the best nachos in the entire world.

Got something to say? Have a suggestion? Want to challenge us to a cookoff, or hire us to make delicious nachos at your next Super Bowl party?? Contact us at nachohunters [at] gmail [dot] com


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  1. Nachos are sometimes about taste. but they are also about experiences. a nacho dish worth commenting on resides at the Sidewalk Cafe in the southend of Hartford. A relatively anonymous bar in an anonymous area, the bar is host to the official afterparty of the WAKA kickball league. indeed, every Wednesday about 150 20-somethings descend on this bar for $5 pitchers and games of flip-cup. while none of this is necessarily remarkable the nachos are much better than they need to be. As the brothers have mentioned before, the right amount of crispiness of cheese is crucial to a good nacho plate and the Sidewalk people do not disappoint. in addition, there are no annoying beans or other wastes of vegetation. there are jalapenos but they are kept at a minimum. there is chicken but not quite enough to make outstanding nachos. However, the thing that separates these nachos from ordinary ones is the sauce that they are covered in. A mix of sour cream and buffalo sauce, it is an excellent tangy mixture that makes this dish fairly memorable.

  2. Hey,

    From the girls of Nacho Patrol Boston, I’d like to say hello from the opposite side of the country. We are single-handedly taking on the nachos of the east coast. It’s good to know that there are good people like you guys who also must bear the cross of finding good nachos. Godspeed!!!

  3. Harrods Nachos are to die for. I have worked in the pubs kitchen for roughly ten years and we put alot of pride into our cooking. I’d appreciate it if you didnt give us such a bad reputation.

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