Polish-Mexican Nachos?

nachohunters - polish-mexican nachos?

On a quite stretch of Mayfair, literally steps south of London’s Shepard’s Market lies L’Autre, a Polish-Mexican restaurant. Over the past several years we’ve stumbled upon word of this bizarre gem on several occasions, and each time we thought, “Really must try that one day.” The day of reckoning came last Friday, during a slow and fruitful pub crawl in Mayfair.

The rumored story of the location—one of deceit and international intrigue—turned out partially true. Born at the end of the 1970s as the sister dining room to a now closed joint called This and That, it developed a following in the ranks of the nearby Mexican Embassy. Sensing an opportunity, the Vancover-bred owner hired a Mexican chef (from the Embassy) and started to appeal to this client base with off-the-menu items. As one might expect, other punters were intrigued (and here is that half of the rumors) by the Mexican dishes, which soon found a happy place on the full menu.

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